The Kimiono Kimono

Throwback to Spring 2016 and a visit from little Goblin, who suggested that I make kimonos. I thought sure? Why not?  They look pretty easy and people seem to really like them.  So I found some fabric, tried it out, prototype or  2 and voila the Kimiono Kimono was born.  

The Kimiono Kimono was named for my niece Kimi actually Kimiko who has been my advisor from the beginning in fabric and fashion (I primarily choose to dress like a gym teacher).  

All my Kimonos are handmade by me.  The styles have changed and there is more selection from when we started.  Fabrics are sourced locally and abroad. Abroad by the models who travel near and far and send me pictures for the Travelling Kimionos. These guys have been from Iceland to Indonesia and many points in between.

Recently I had the good fortune to have the talented Rachel Boekel take some photos of the Kimionos.  She has an amazing gift for seeing the beauty in the things that surround her, bringing out the exceptional in her subjects and seeing the world from a unique point of view.  All photos in this post, with the exception of the "Travelling Kimionos" were taken by Rachel. 
Please check out her blog to see more of her amazing work. Rachel Boekel Photography

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