Wool Wool Wool

Wooool I apparently haven't posted in a loooooong while.  A few things have changed like I actually have Instagram now! And a few things are still pluggin along as before, like my Etsy shop, though sales have definitely picked up there!

The biggest change for me has been the use of upcycled materials in my work.  My basement overfloweth.  I have been scouring thrift shops and sales, rummaging through closest of friends and family and turning old into new.  Wool sweaters are the prize find and can be turned into almost anything!   Mittens, slippers, zipper pouches and hats just to name a few.  So if you come for a visit, don't leave anything behind!  It is not safe with me... at least it may not look the same when you get it back!

Here's a little before and after: